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Tripling Season 3 Download vegamovies, Filmyzilla: The Tripling TV series starring Sumeet Vyas, Maanvi Gagroo, Amol Parashar, Kunaal Roy Kapur, Kumud Mishra, and Shernaz Patel has already been released on Zee5 on 21 October 2022. The director of the Tripling TV series is Rajesh Krishnan, Sameer Saxena, and Neeraj Udhwani. The type of TV series is drama and comedy. The Tripling TV series is produced by Arunabh Kumar.

The Story of Tripling is a great TV series, it is the third season but the drama and love from all the characters are still the same and wonderful. In this season they have tried to show family issues and how they deal with them.

Tripling Season 3 Download
IMDB Rating8.5/10 (20K)
Release date August 28, 2016 (India)
StarsSumeet Vyas, Maanvi Gagroo, Amol Parashar
Creators Arunabh Kumar, Sameer Saxena
GenresComedy, Drama
Runtime30 minutes

Tripling Season 3 Download

The thing which can hold the person till the end is will their parents be separated or not and if not how will they live together, will their house be really sold to become one hotel or not and if not they will take care of the house. Tripling season fans must know that Chandan and Chitvan do not have any specific location but Chanchal lives in Rajasthan so some scenes are from Rajasthan and some are from Himachal Pradesh because their parents live there The Tripling TV series has 5 episodes varying the time from 30 to 40 minutes.

Cast in the tripling tv series

  • Sumeet Vyas is Chandan Sharma
  • Maanvi Gagroo is Chanchal Sharma
  • Amol Parashar is Chitvan Sharma
  • Kunaal Roy Kapur is Pranav
  • Kumud Mishra is Chinmay Sharma
  • Shernaz Patel is Charu Sharma
  • Kubbra Sait is Sheetal


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The TV series Tripling was released on Zee 5 on 21 October 2022. The story of the TV series and content shows the love for the family and parents. They have shown love for their native place and their real house as well. The Production company for the TV series is The Viral Fever Media Labs. The cinematography of the TV series was done by G. Srinivas Reddy.

Tripling web series download vegamovies in Hindi

The music and score of the Tripling TV series have been composed by Amar Mangrulkar. The total number of songs present in the third season is eight. The names of the songs are Raasta Jahan Le Chale, Tu Kahaan Hai, Phans Gayo, IshqKa Hafiz, Patang, Kon Chole Re, Mada Faka 2.0, and Mon Chole Re baul rock version.

Singers for the songs are Papob, Zubeen Garg, Swaroop Khan, Nilotpal Bora, Arup Jyoti Baruah, Varun Likhate, Sampriti Goswami, Ritrisha Sharma, and Madhusmita Borthakur. Lyrics of the songs are written by Hussain Haidry, Rahul Dey Das, Varun Likhate, Amar Mangrulkar, and Kapil Sawant. The total timing of all the songs is 27 minutes and 55 seconds.

Download tripling full web series Filmyzilla

It was announced that the new third season is going to come in 2021. Rather than Sony LIV this time the third season was released on Zee5 Tripling TV series has been distributed by Zee 5 and TVF. The editors of the Tripling TV series are Anand Subaya and Tamojit Das. The story of Tripling has been written by Sumeet Vyas.

Tipling tv series storyline

Tripling Season 3 has 5 episodes in the series.

Episode 1: Back Home:
Everyone was busy with their own routine. Chandan was busy with his writing and getting calls for the completion of the work. Suddenly he got a call from his parents to come back home as they are trying to be separated from each other. Upon hearing this Chandan got shocked and directly called Chanchal. Chanchal was busy in her shooting with Pranav as a local journalist wanted to print the photos and their heritable property.

Firstly she missed a few calls from Chandan and when he was calling continuously she picked up the call. Chandan told about the whole situation. She called Chitvan who was busy with her son. They all decided to gather at one place and after that went to the house to meet and convince their parents not to get divorced.

After reaching home, they asked them the reason and tried to solve it but they got more confused in the situation because they were happy and staying together but still wanted to separate. They were dealing with this and when they got to know about their house which was going to be sold.

Episode 2: Raaita Fail Gaya: The family decided to discuss everything over brunch. Chitvan’s mother called him from the balcony to get down for brunch as her father had made very good and delicious food. Everyone gathers and discusses normal family things and the house. They asked their parents why they wanted to sell the house.

Their mother told them that their father had a different plan of going on a solo trip with a biker group as he loved traveling and biking. Their mother said that she also wants to travel to South India and contacted some travel agency who can just make them travel everywhere. They asked the reason and they told me that they want to get separated because they are happy but they have different priorities.

Suddenly one lady came and told their parents that within a few days, they will start working in the house to make it a hotel. By this, they all were very shocked and went into their room. Chandan took her to show that house as she was the project manager. Chandan shared many memories as well of his childhood and told everything. Suddenly Pranav also came to the house.

Episode 3: Ghar Hai Wahi: Chandan’s ex-wife met with Chandan because they were in the same town and she had one cafe nearby. That girl who was handling all the construction of the house into the hotel had a birthday. She invited everyone from the family as she was a part of them. Everyone went there. Pranav and Chnchal were together and Chandan and his ex-wife wss together.

Chitvan was playing DJ. Children thought that their parents are okay and now they understood everything about the situation and not going to be filed for divorce. They even saw them kissing in the party and by seeing that they think they still love each other and are never going to leave each other. But that was not true. Pranav got to know that his cousin is also there in town.

All were drunk but as he was here they had to go home. When they reached, they saw the big setup of his cousin stating some fighting will happen. His cousin wants the property and decides to fight in a royal way. They fought but Pranav won.

Episode 4: Happily Married: The siblings want to go on a trek to some resort or into the forest because during their childhood they used to go a lot. They just wanted to live the moment again before their parents got separated. They made one plan and left for trekking. Meanwhile Pranav’s ex-wife and one of the psychologists were also there as a last attempt for their parents to be together.

They all left and enjoyed themselves. The psychologist was with their parents and knew everything about them. Meanwhile, Chitvan was finding a place where he could video call with the judge and lawyer and Cheetah’s mother for the custody of Cheetah. Chitvan took care of him like he was his baby but that did not happen. Judge said no.

He was feeling bad and hugged Chandan. Finally, their parents confessed the real thing that they filed for divorce many years ago because they did not feel like being together. Judge gave them time and they decided to live together but whenever they thought of getting a divorce they will get it. Children did not know about it.

Episode 5: Raasta Jahaan Le Chale: They came from trekking and almost all the furniture and everything was just packed to move. It was raining and Chitvan was feeling bad about the house that had been sold. Chandan and Chanchal joined him in the rain and all three were crying because now they do not have any place to meet and go.

Suddenly Pranav was talking to the girl who was the manager and asked who is the owner of the hotel. They spoke and Pranav knew what to do. He is called Chanchal. And everyone went inside. Pranav has already called the owner as the owner wants to make the hotel of Pranav’s mansion.

He gave the mansion instead of the house. Everyone was proud of him. She just went away and thanked Pranav. Children got that till they did what they wanted to now it’s time for their parents. The next day morning their father left for solo travel and her mother went in a car to Pondicherry.

Is See Season 3 worth watching?

Still, a story that is unique and epic and emotional to watch.

Where can I watch Tripling Season 3?

Get ready to watch ‘Tripling S3’ on 21st October, only on ZEE5.

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