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Adipurush Movie Download Vegamovies Filmyzilla: Adipurush movie starring Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, Saif Ali Khan, and Sunny Singh has already been released in theaters on June 16, 2023. The director of the Adipurush movie is Om Raut. The type of movie is mythological and revenge. Adipurush movie is produced by Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Om Raut, Prasad Sutar, and Rajesh Nair.

The story of Adipurush is a movie about Ram’s love for Sita and wanting to take revenge on Ravana for the abduction of Sita. There is nothing like a suspense because everyone knows Ramayana and knows the ending as well. Since childhood, we all have been hearing the story of Rama and Sita from our elders.

Adipurush Movie Download Vegamovies Filmyzilla 
Release date16 June 2023
StarsKriti Sanon, Prabhas, Devdutta Nage
GenresAction, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
DirectorOm Raut
WritersManoj Muntashir, Om Raut
LanguagesHindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada
Runtime2 hours 59 minutes

The movie was first about to release back in 2022 but due to production of the movie and the delay now the final date of releasing the movie is June 16, 2023. The location of the shooting of the film is mainly Mumbai. There could be other locations as well but we only have Mumbai information.

Cast in the Adipurush movie

Kriti SanonASJanaki
Sunny SinghASLakshmana
Devdatta NageASHanuman

Adipurush movie download vegamovies in Hindi

Download Adipurush movie vegamovies : The movie Adipurush was released in theaters on 16 June 2023. The story of the movie and content shows the love and what Rama can do in order to save his love for Sita in front of Ravana. The Production companies for the movie are T-Series Films and Retrophiles. The cinematography of the movie was done by Karthik Palani.

Download Adipurush full movie Filmyzilla

The music and score of the Adipurush movie has been composed by Ajay-Atul. The official announcement with the official trailer was in August 2020. Along with that, the official trailer came on YouTube in February 2021. The wrapping of the movie in Mumbai happened. A lot of people have been interviewed for the role of Sita but in the end, they chose Kriti Sanon and this was confirmed by March 2021. Sunny Singh joined the set in February 2021.

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In September month, 2020, it was decided who will play the role of whom. It was decided that Prabhas will play the role of Rama as Raghava was just a character or a different name. Saif Ali Khan was assigned the character of Ravana as he has already played the role of antagonist in the movie called Tanhaji and his name was Lankesh. Kriti Sanon was chosen as Sita after so many interviews. In the end as a brother of lord Rama, Sunny Singh chose to play the character of the younger brother of Rama.

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Adipurush movie has been distributed by AA Films in North India, UV Creations in Telugu, and Zee Studios in internationally. The screenplay of Adipurish has been done by Om Raut. The story of Adipurush movie is based on Ramayana which has been written by Valmiki. The Adipurush movie has been edited by Apurva Motiwale Sahai and Ashish Mhatre. The budget of the Adipurush movie is INR 500 crore.


Adipurush movie review

Adipurush is a very great and perfect movie on the 2023 movie list. You must have known the phrase that if you dig the mountain you will get a rat but in this case, the phrase is a bit different and when you dig the mountain you will find the cat. This means expectations from the movie Adipurish are too high and very genuine. What we have thought is the same as we expected and we got it because we have thought of something like this only. The teaser of the movie was just eye-catching and very peaceful.

You must be thinking how did the movie makers spend INR 500 crore after the movie? As you all are aware that the costume they are wearing and coping with the actual character is very important and for that, they spend INR 500 crores. Prabhas has just acted like lord Rama and by seeing his acting, we can feel that really the god has arrived. The way he says anything, the way he walks, and the expression on his face is exactly like Rama’s. Prabhas looks 100% with the look he is carrying in the movie.

The facial expression he provided in the movie is just so perfect and up to mark that anyone can relate with him. Prabhas has one charm factor of lord Rama and that was the reason he has been chosen for this role. Whenever people see Prabhas acting in the movie they feel that it is very elegant and always love to watch him. They have just made sure that people exactly feel emotional when they feel and what they feel when they see the Ramayana.

Prabhas has just tried to comfort each one of us with lord Rama. The transformation of Prabhas from a normal actor to lord Rama is very unique and has respect from all of us. Prabhas kills every time whenever he makes a movie because in Bahubali as well, he has done an incredible job and acted very well in both parts of Bahubali. He has enlisted his name in the role of lord Rama because for many years very few people got the chance to play the role of lord Rama. They have just matched the expectation of fans and the Indian cinema level has increased after releasing this movie. Saif Ali

Khan as shown as Ravana is trying to make justice to the negative character. Kriti Sanon as Sita also looks very great and refreshing but her role in the movie is very limited. A lot of animated movies have also been made on Ramayana and on the same concept to educate people and to make the newer generation aware of history.

But what is the difference between the animated movies and Adipurush is that they have really performed energetically and make people connect emotionally with the character and situations. Ok, Raut has just done an amazing job by making Ramayana-related movies in Bollywood because everyone has made a movie based on Ramayana except Bollywood.

VFX and CGI are incredible and more than we expected. We haven’t seen this kind of VFX in any movie. Plus what will make viewers attracted is that the movie is in 3D. In 3D you can really feel yourself on the screen or in the place with actors and actresses. Basically, they have tried to show the same story with new technology. The animation of such a top-rated movie is very amazing and it is more than what we thought because it has exceeded the limit.

Actors, actresses and directors and every other crew member’s only motto is to satisfy the audiences and to make a better quality cinema for the industry. People say that they have made the movie just to get the likes and popularity on YouTube but that is not true because just to get popularity someone cannot waste so much money but they have invested the money.

Filmmakers are pretty excited to present the history of India on a big screen in 3D will be an incredible and new experience for everyone. Plus of the movie is you can definitely go to watch the movie with family as well because they will also love it. The movie is very powerful and gives a divine experience to viewers.

After watching the movie you will think that the respect for Bollywood has increased again. The other appreciated thing in the teaser is that the person who is not in the teaser but just by the voice he tried to manage by dubbing Prabhas’s voice and that is Sharad Kelkar.

Adipurush Movie Download OTT

Adipurush is a very great movie and could become the blockbuster movie of the year 2023. As this is a great movie, there are 100% chances of coming to this movie on an Over The Top platform which could be any. By releasing this movie on the OTT platform, customers can just enjoy watching the latest movie without going to theaters and spending special time.

On OTT platforms, you can watch the movie at any point in time and at any convenience on any device. Customers can buy a subscription to one particular OTT platform by which customers will get the other facilities of watching movies and web series so that he or they can watch it at any point in time. Whatever OTT platform will buy the copyrights of the Adipurush movie will get the opportunity of getting higher customers due to Adipurush.

The reason behind this is Adipurush is going to be the best blockbuster movie of 2023. People are emotional and will feel relatable because everyone knows Ramayana and the story is based on that only. The characters and intensity of the lead roles make people watch the movie at least for one time. The possible platforms where Adipurush movie will release and watch the movie:

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Netflix
  • Zee5
  • Voot
  • Disney Plus Hotstar
  • Sony LIV
  • MX Player

Disclaimer: not provide any kind of movie download link, we have only given information about the movie in this post. Stealing and leaking files is illegal under Indian law, and we strongly oppose such behavior. We have published this blog post to give you information purpose. Thank you!

Is Adipurush released in 3D?

Adipurush will be released in 2D, and 3D

what is adipurush about?

Adaptation of Indian mythology depicting the triumph of good over evil.

what is the budget of Adipurush?

₹500 crore (US$63 million)

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